OS Type : Win32 (95 / 98 / NT / 2000)

Language : Basic

Interpreter : Scipt Basic V1.0b26

To run Script Basic with japi functions you first need an installed Java Runtime Environment (JRE1.1.*) on your computer. If you don't have one, please go first to the link section and download it (Please do not use the newer JRE1.2, cause its still bigger, slower and buggy). The JRE has to be in your PATH variable. To test it, open a shell and type:
C:\ jre
If the JRE is correctly installed, you will see the Java Runtime Environment options.

Next, you need to have the TCP/IP stack installed. If you read this site via Internet, TCP/IP is still running ;-)

The use of Script Basic is quite easy. Write a basic program and run it via:
C:\ scriba yourprog.bas

Download the include japi.bas (required) and put it in your INCLUDE directory

Download the module (zipped) (required) and put it in your MODULES directory

Download the sources (zipped tarball) (optional)

Download some basic examples (optional)