The ZUSE Parallel PentiumPro Cluster

The ZUSE Parallel PentiumPro Cluster is a low cost but high performance parallel machine that consists of 32 LINUX controlled computing nodes with 200 MHz PentiumPro processors. Each node contains has a Tyan dual processor board (only one processor is installed yet), 256 KBytes Cache, 32 MByte RAM, SVGA card (usually not used), SCSI Controller, 1 GByte hard disk drive and a FastEthernet controller. The computing nodes are connected by the FastEthernet communication network with 100 MBit/s links. The FastEthernet network is divided into four segments with 8 computing nodes each. A switching hub connects the four segments with each other and an additional entry node (PentiumPro 200 MHz, 256 KBytes Cache, 98 MByte RAM, 4 GByte SCSI hard disk drive, CD Writer, SVGA graphics card, Framegrabber and 20" Sony Monitor, FastEthernet plus Ethernet controller) provides a link to the campus 10 MBit/s ethernet and to the internet. The system became operational at the institute of physics in December 1996. A schematic system overview is given on a seperate page.

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