What's Hacknight?

Are nerds sitting there hacking each other's systems?

Maybe you know that: You are sitting at home, have a good idea for a project, but are not disciplined enough to go through or fail to start.

At Hacknight you can work on all topics related to Informatics, Mathematics and Technology. We also have a small stack of coffee, biscuits, tea and mate. You can meet other students, work on a project together or alone or simply have a good time! Of course your project does not need to be from this area, even if the event originated there - you prefer to draw, solder or something else? It does not matter, you are welcome!

If you do not know what you would do there, do not be afraid, Hacknight is also for people who are just starting to deal with the subject or have no project of their own. At Hacknight you will always find fellow students, who are willing to help you.

From time to time there are also talks; in recent years about TOR / Darknet, Python and mail encryption.

And yes, sometimes someone also hacks his test environment and reports afterwards how he did it.


Thursdays during lecture period at 16:00 h in room A308, open end.

Schedule of next regular Get-Togethers:

You can download them here as iCalendar-file.

Mailing list

Information about Hacknight-Events (e.g. Capture-The-Flag, Workshops, Talks) and –very important– change of room. (Most mails are in German.)
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Who's there?

Students of all semesters, primarily Informaticans and Computer Visualists, almost always Linux, GPG and "Freifunk" users are present.