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Change Request Summary

Thanks for all the interesting discussions on GXL and for submitting change requests. They will help us to improve GXL.
We have now started to include your change requests into the next GXL version (GXL 1.1). You can find the change requests on the GXL web site (http://www.gupro.de/GXL/changeRequest/changeRequest.html).
Summarizing these change requests, the base design of GXL proved to be sufficient, correct, and stable. Change requests deal with some XML related issues, supporting hierarchical graphs and adding some additional features. So, embedding these features will probably only extend GXL 1. We will try to avoid changing the things supported by GXL 1, but we can not promise it (e.g. change request "XLink-values" http://www.gupro.de/GXL/changeRequest/changeRequest.html#XLink values - here we might get rid of using XLink).

Thanks again, for supporting the development of GXL.
July 17, 2002

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