Welcome to Model-Driven Software Migration 2011!

The Workshop Model-Driven Software Migration (MSDM) will be held during the 15th European Conference on Software Maintenance and Reengineering (CSMR) on March, 1st in Oldenburg, Germany. It aims at bringing together researchers and practitioners of model-driven development as well as of software migration.


Model-driven Software Development (MDSD) and Software Migration are two different approaches that had been under research separately. In recent years, researchers found interesting analogies between both fields.

In software engineering, one of the key principles is abstraction, that is, focusing only on the important aspects while fading-out details. Model-driven software development (MDSD) aims at modeling these important aspects at different levels of abstraction. This allows to design software, starting with the "`big picture"' (abstract level) and approach more concrete levels by adding more details to the models until the system is implemented (concrete level).

Software migration aims at converting an old system (legacy system) into a new technology without changing functionality. This implies understanding, how the legacy system is working. For this purpose, legacy code must be leveraged into a higher level of abstraction in order to focus only on the important aspects.

At this point, model-driven software development and software migration meet. Migration projects can benefit from the vision of MDSD by abstracting legacy systems (reverse engineering), transform them and concretize the migrated system (forward engineering).

However, both fields of research are not yet entirely understood. Neither is the combination of both fields examined very well. The MDSM workshop will bring together latest research in the field of model-driven software migration approaches.

Latest News

May 2, 2011: Published presentation slides!

Mar 30, 2011: Published proceedings on CEUR-WS.org/Vol-708!

Jan 30, 2011: List of accepted papers online!

Jan 29, 2011: Workshop program online!

Nov 14, 2010: Submission Site online!

Oct 31, 2010: Call for Papers online!