... to my home page. I am working in the  data center of  Universiät Koblenz with linux beeing a key activity:

  • Running linux on servers  Server at our site
    (e.g. Datenbase-, File-, Web-, Fax-Server)
  • Deployment of linux on desktops as well as notebooks.
    At the university every desktop or notebook can be installed as a dual boot system running Windows as well as linux. All public accessible desktop machines are installed in this way. The user is free to choose.



Linux is also the operating system of choice for my private desktop and notebooks. I use it as well to manage all of my photos and to convert RAW camera files into jpg.

Another hobby is collecting weather data of my region. Again the software I wrote for this purpose is running on linux. You can see the result of this software in form of a graphical display of current and historical weather data.  You can find more information about this subject using the link from above.