Scripts I wrote

  • A perl script, to be used with digikam that allows you to export your tag hierarchy of your photos into the filesystem. For each tag a folder is created containing the photos (or links to them) that have this tag set.
  • Infomation and a adapted version of capifaxrcvd, that allows to receive facsimile using a  AVM B1-Karte PCI card attached to a trunk.
  • Linux packagemanager upm, to manage package updates and installation of packages on many linux system.
  • A perl script, that pretty prints the Aoutput of dhcpd.leases-file of the ISC DHCP-Servers.
  • My INF-script. inf is a simple search script, that allows you to build up a database of information like addresses, telephone numbers, ... you need again and again. Its purely text file based.
  • Some unix scripts to make life easier.