Seminar Software Language Engineering

Theme "Extraction, Analysis and Visualization of API data"

Summer Semester 2010

Prof. Dr. Ralf Lämmel
Software Languages Team
CS Department
University of Koblenz-Landau


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The seminar "Software Language Engineering" is organized by the Software Languages Team in Koblenz. In each incarnation of the seminar, a specific research topic, with relevance for the broader field of software languages, is chosen.

The present iteration is concerned with "Extraction, Analysis and Visualization of API data" --- abbreviated as API analysis. We want to look into techniques for software reverse engineering and data visualization, and apply them to the domain of API analysis. The idea is here that there is little prior art regarding API analysis, but it should be possible to adopt some techniques from the general software reverse engineering and data visualization disciplines for our purpose. Such adoption indeed represents the genuine research part of this seminar. Each student contribution should explore the potential of using any of the encountered techniques in the context of API analysis.

Here is a more extensive definition of the term API analysis: API analysis comprises all aspects of analysing intrinsic information about APIs (in particular, method signatures and type hierarchies of API implementations or models), API-usage data (such as data extracted from a corpus of API-using software projects), and API metadata (such as metadata manually or semiautomatically derived from any API-related artifacts). There are aspects of fact extraction, synthesis of new data, mathematical analysis of the raw results, interpretation, and visualization.



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