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Introduction to Linguistics (Module 1)

Prof. Dr. Susanne Niemeier

Mi 8.30-10 Uhr, E 011

Beginn: Mittwoch, 14.4.2010

This seminar offers a general introduction to linguistics from an applied perspective, mainly following the theory of a Cognitive Linguistics. We will - throughout all the topics discussed – ask the question: in which way is linguistic knowledge important for me as a teacher of English and how can I apply this knowledge in the foreign language classroom?
Starting with a general overview, the topics under discussion will include the core areas of linguistics, i.e. phonetics/phonology (referring to the sounds of language), morphology (referring to word formation), syntax (referring to sentence structure), semantics (referring to meaning concepts), pragmatics (referring to ways in which people use language), first and second language acquisition in the framework of psycholinguistics (referring to how language(s) is/are learnt) as well as sociolinguistics (referring to the relationship between language and society).

Please register in KLIPS for this course. The module test, a third of which will be devoted to questions from linguistics, will (presumably) take place in the last week of the summer term and you need to register for that as well.

It is strongly recommended that students wishing to participate in this seminar buy the textbook (see below) in time. Some copies have been preordered at Reuffel’s, but if they are sold out, the book is quite hard to get. In that case, you best try to get it directly at; the book contains study aids and will accompany you during all your "linguistic" lives.

Dirven, René & Marjolijn Verspoor, 2004 (second revised edition). Cognitive Exploration of Language and Linguistics. Amsterdam: Benjamins

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