University Koblenz-Landau - Institute for Natural Sciences



    Dynamics of Driven Polymers

The aim of my research is to better understand the relationship between structural changes and dynamical processes in polymeric systems and the driving forces. Driving forces can be deviations from thermodynamic equilibrium, external stimuli or internal forces. The latter also includes excluded volume interactions which can be tuned by the polymer architecture. I study polymer solutions, solids and melts, in bulk as well as in interface dominated systems such as thin films and droplets. My methodical focus lies on (time- and space-resolved) static and dynamics scattering methods using light, x-rays and neutrons as radiation probe inter alias insitu with rheology. Developments in the area of fluorescence correlation spectroscopy e.g. for micro-rheological measurements offer potential for surface sensitive measurements as well as for biophysical applications. Complimentary experiments with dielectric spectroscopy, rheology and microscopy broaden the accessible time and length scale range.
In particular I focus on the following research topics:

  • Non-equilibrium phenomena under shear,
  • Structure formation kinetics in organic photovoltaics,
  • Microrheology with fluorescence correlation spectroscopy.