Symposium: "Driven Soft Matter: Non-Equilibrium Phenomena in External Fields"

72. Annual meeting of the German Physical Society
(Solid State Physics)

Section: Chemical Physics and Polymer Physics (CPP)

Berlin from February 25th - 29th, 2008
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Registration: 20.02.2008
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"Driven Soft Matter: Non-Equilibrium Phenomena in External Fields"

The symposium will focus on non-equilibrium phenomena of complex soft matter in response to external fields bridging results obtained from experiment, computer simulation and theory. We particularly welcome contributions trying to link information obtained on microscopic length scales to the macroscopic behavior of these systems and / or dealing with the dynamics of non-equilibrium phenomena such as e.g. transport, structural relaxation, growth processes, pattern formation and (spatio-temporal) instabilities. We would like to initiate a discussion on recent developments in this multi-disciplinary field, and encourage submissions on soft matter systems comprising colloids, liquid crystals, polymers and surfactant systems exposed to external fields such as shear, gravity, electric and magnetic fields, or temperature gradients.

We particularly welcome contributions in the following areas:
  • Experimental methods with time and position resolution for the detection of structural dynamics and the temporal development of structural heterogeneities, flow fields etc.
  • From atomistic simulations to coarse-grained approaches such as phase field models with the focus on possibilities of time- and length-scale bridging.
  • Theoretical approaches providing insights into the step of coarse graining from microscopic descriptions to macroscopic laws in non-equilibrium.

Invited Speakers:
  1. Rosaling Allen, University of Edinburgh, UK
    "Simulating rare events in nonequilibrium systems: nucleation in a driven Ising system " (PDF)
  2. Lyderic Bocquet, Université Lyon, France
    "Spatial cooperativity in soft glassy flows" (PDF)
  3. Gerhard Gompper, Forschungzentrum Jülich
    "Soft matter under flow" (PDF)
  4. Sébastien Manneville, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, France
    "Experimental investigation of shear banding in wormlike micelles" (PDF)
  5. Ingo Rehberg, Universität Bayreuth
    "Bifurcations in complex fluids" (PDF)
  6. Wilson Poon, University of Edinburgh, UK
    "Imaging concentrated colloids under flow" (PDF)
  7. Udo Seifert Universität Stuttgart
    "Stochastic thermodynamics of driven soft matter" (PDF)
  8. Annette Zippelius, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
    "Viscoelasticity of gels" (PDF)

  9. We appreciate the financial support of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft:
    SPP1296 "Heterogeneous Nucleation and Microstructure Formation: Steps towards a system- and scale-bridging understanding" and Tr6 "Physics of Colloidal Dispersions in External Fields"