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Video of the Mapping Mission at RoboCup 2011

written by on 09. Sep 2011

Video of the Rescue Missions at RoboCup 2011

written by on 05. Aug 2011

Lisa @ BBC

written by on 29. Jul 2011

Remember when BBC filmed Lisa’s face in Istanbul?

Here is the video where you can see Lisa at the beginning. Enjoy!

Video of RIPS in Istanbul

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Below you can see the video of the test RIPS at the RoboCup in Istanbul. Lisa and GiGo are registering themselves for the competition.
RIPS at the RoboCup 2011 in Istanbul

Robbie’s last run

written by on 10. Jul 2011

In the early morning the rescue mapping challenge took place. Robbie drove fine and the mapping worked, too. We even implemented  3D maps with a voxel datastructure in the demanded VRML format yesterday in the evening and during the night. Sadly the obstacle detection did not work correctly and blocked too many parts of the arena. About one third of the arena was mapped by Robbie in 2D and in 3D. The scoring is based on artificial fiducials in the form of blue barrel-halfs, each proper mapped face of a barrel counts as one victim and if the two sides form a circle the robot is rewarded with an additional victim. Robbie successfully mapped 5 of those barrels in 2D and about 2 of them in 3D on the second stage of the arena. If Robbie had not blocked it’s way with obstacles, 8 barrel halfes on the ground and 4 barrels on the second floor would have been possible. Overall 36 victims is the maximum of which we probably achieved around 6 or 7.

Both Hektor from Darmstadt and Casualty from Australia performed better, as they mapped the hole arena.

We will announce the final scoring for best-in-class autonomy as soon as it is available.

Rescue robot reassembling XXL

written by on 09. Jul 2011

The team is working hard so Robbie will become a rescuer with actually four working motors again. @home provided us their motors and thus we regained our chance and hope to become autonomy world champion again. While the reassembling consumes tons of time there’s something strange going on in the programming section. Why is everyone so excited about those three dimensional voxels? Will they be of any use?

Tomorrow at 9 o’clock in the morning the mission begins and we assume to be among the first teams so that we probably can provide updates around lunchtime (12 o’clock German time).

Pictures from RoboCup

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Picture gallery with impressions from RoboCup

@Home: Today turned out to be our final day

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The “Demo Challenge” turned out to be the the most challenging game ever… after several days of testing and testing and testing and the transport to “Shopping Mall” the Pioneer was getting very unhealthy again. We had already got used to the regular connection problems, but then the “Pioneer Stalled” came back again, which makes it impossible for Lisa to drive. The first reason was detected soon: The connections of the old emergency stop were broken, but after fixing that it didn’t get better. When checking all other connections, Viktor accidently made a short circuit and in the end the Pioneer stopped working at all.

There were some great guys from Iran, the MRL team, that really tried very hard to help us fixing the Pioneer. It was about 40 minutes before the test started, when the test was delayed for one more hour. About 5 minutes before we had to start everything was reassembled again and quite ready to go. If the iranian team didn’t help us, we would have got a penalty of 500 points for not attending. They replaced to boards until the Pioneer seemed to be alive again. We were really happy that we would be able to show our cool demo after all this work.

Unfortunately the Pioneer couldn’t move and turn in a normal way due to some more mysterious hardware issues. We started our demo and then the localization went crazy. Obviously the odometry data wasn’t right anymore.

On the score sheet above you see our final ranking – we only made it to rank 11 with similar points to rank 10. Now we need a lot of “blue lights” to get over this incredible week of hardware massacres.

Preparations for the Mapping Run

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Today is the day of preparations. Tomorrow will be the final run of Robbie here in Istanbul. Our goal is still the Autonomy Award; it will be difficult but we are working on it… piece by piece… literally :) . Right now,  Robbie is going to get assembled, fixed and pimped to the max! … and there’s one more thing …

BBC just came over to see Lisa’s face

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Someone from BBC noticed Lisa’s cute face and came over to take some video of her. Next week we will see her on!

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