All you need to know about Lisa

Lisa is the autonomous service robot of team homer@UniKoblenz. Amongst others, she participates in the RoboCup and RoCKIn competition in the @Home league. Lisa is able to build 2D-grid maps and navigate savely and autonomously even in dynamic environments. She can memorize, detect and recognize objects. Using her 6-DOF arm, Lisa can grasp objects from tables and shelves, carry them and pass them on to people.

Lisa is also able to detect and recognize faces and to follow people. To interact with Lisa one can use speech or gestures. Lisa is able to understand spoken commands and reply using a synthesized female voice. Lisa’s animated face can take seven different expressions to convey a specific mood. While speaking, her lips move correctly synchronized according to the spoken words.

Lisa’s Friend: TIAGo from Pal Robotics

Since October 2017 we have a second robot to work with — TIAGo —, who is sponsored by Pal Robotics. In broad terms, he is able to perform similiar tasks as Lisa and he’s a nice addition for performing in competitions and the testing beforehand. With TIAGo we got some popularity in the media for training him to bring beer from a fridge and cleaning the toilet autonomously.

… For more information and cool videos of our robots, also have a look on the media page!


Kinect — 150€. Hokuyo lascerscanner — 1000€. Kinova arm — 25.000€. Passing the security check with a robot in the hand luggage - priceless!

Scratchy is the newest member in our robot family and was build in just a bit more than one day. Because we have an extremly low budget, we invented it for keeping the flight costs to a minimum — necessity is the mother of invention. That’s why Scratchy is designed to fit completely into one piece of hand luggage plus a bagpack (for the arm). Disassembling and reassembling the robot is both done in estimately one hour — which is also a great advantage for traveling. Like its bigger siblings Lisa and TIAGo, Scratchy is of course fully autonomous. Its base is adopted from our former robot model Maggie and some of the expensive parts like the arm and batteries are borrowed from Lisa. Without the arm, a suitcase full of Scratchy weighs about 14kg.