Over the time our robots Lisa and TIAGo gained more and more skills. To give you a short overview about them, we collected some of the coolest features on this page.

  • Bringing Beer: For the Nvidia Jetson Challenge, we trained TIAGo to autonomously bring be from the fridge. He is able to detect the fridge handle, open it and choose the right bottle. After grasping it, he closes the fridge and delivers the beer to the customer. Have a look on it here.

  • Cleaning the toilet: TIAGo got quite the attention for cleaning a toilet with selfmade sponge endeffectors. With the performance we achieved the thrid place at World Robot Summit 2018 in Tokyo.

  • Frying eggs: For the RoboCup@home 2015 in Hefei (China), Lisa learned to make fried eggs. For this challenge, she controlls smart home devices like a power switch to turn on and off the heat for the pan. She is also able to add salt to the eggs. A video of the final demonstration you can find here.