Back in Lisbon for the European Robotics League Major Tournament

This is a somehow special attendance for us in ERL. First of all we are in Lisbon just with Raphael and because of that we are using the robot of the hosting Team, which is a nicely designed Mbot.With this attendance we will push the cooperation between our both teams that we decided on after RoboCup in Magdeburg. Prior to the tournament the team was supporting us in configuring a simulator to be able to test beforehand. And Raphael then arrived here on Sunday warmly welcomed by the hosting Team. They supported him that well that the robot was able to map and navigate on the same evening with our software running. They also spend a dedicated helper, Tiago (not to confuse with the PAL Robotics Tiago), who is supporting Raphael during the week, so the team currently could be called Homer@Socrob :). It’s not just Tiago supporting but the whole team is giving their best and is always helpful, making it an awesome experience to attend a tournament without an own robot. Thanks again for all the support!

The Mbot during a navigation test. Goals are given by the refbox and the position estimates are evaluated with motion capturing markers, highlighting the benchmarking focus of the functionality benchmarks.

We will attend most of the tasks but it unfortunately is not possible to take part in all of them. So we skip FBM1 which is about object perception. It would simply to hard to train all objects and also solve the other tasks.

There are teams from Bristol, Birmingham, Pakistan, Germany and Portugal attending this ERL which is co-hosted with the ROMAN conference. There will be a workshop on Friday where robot competitions like ERL are discussed.

Being at ISR and Tecnico always gives you a nice view from the campus. The view from the testbed is even better as it's located on the 8th floor and seems to be one of the highest points in Lisbon.

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Recapitulating the ERL tournament

Published on December 13, 2017