PAL Robotics TIAGo just moved in

Early Christmas for us. This is the transport box with a new robotic toy.

From now on Lisa and Marge have an attractive male companion. As a result of the success in the last season of the European Robotics League we were awarded with a free loan of a PAL Robotics TIAGo robot. On Tuesday our new friend TIAGo finally moved in, after it took the universities administration quite a while to finalize all the contract work.

This is a perfect timing for us, as the new Robbie practical course just started and we will now concentrate on the development with Lisa and TIAGo Within the first day we were already able to navigate, create a map and talk. Now we are working on the vision and manipulation functionalities. On the first sight we are really impressed and our expectations were fulfilled. We unpacked the robot from the transport box, used the key for enabling the power and within no time the robot was able to move. The next step was to connect an external laptop, remap some topics and voila within half an hour the robot was able to navigate using our software.

The first steps into our lab.

Yesterday Lisa and TIAGo already were recorded by SAT.1 and will end up in television soon.

On the second day TIAGo already felt very comfortable and interviewed Raphael for SAT. 1 like a professional.

The visit of TIAGo will not mean that Lisa will end up in a dark corner of our lab. We plan to let both robots cooperate and are now able to run most of our functionalities on different robots by just exchanging the model information. Lisa did improve a lot through the hard work of students.

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Published on December 13, 2017