Competition Day 2 - Getting To Know My Home and Welcoming Visitors

Today we arrived in time for Getting To Know My Home in the morning and Welcoming Visitors in the afternoon.

Lisa in the testbed
Lisa in the testbed.

The first round of Getting to Know My Home was just medium, there were was a lamp and a plant added that during our preparation was not mentioned and have been recently added.

We soon did a second and third round. Those went as expected. Lisa understood everything and learned changes in the environment during the runs. Some objects where moved and a semantic map annotating the changes was created. In the second part Lisa got a command to actually move the objects moved to furniture that also was moved. There was just one little problem. Lisa tried to go very close to the kitchen chair but couldnt reach the goal.

Shot from the camera at the door of the testbed
Shot from the camera at the door of the testbed.

Next up was the Welcoming Visitors task where Lisa awaited random people after ringing the door bell. People could be a doctor, a delivery man, a postman and a thief. Of course Lisa should not let in the thief but handle the other people in a way that they can do their task. For instance the doctor should be guided to the owner. The delivery man should place the parcel somewhere and the delivery man should bring the food to the kitchen.


Now we are preparing for tomorrow.

Competition Day 1 Navigating and Catering for Granny

In the morning we went to the Heriot Watt University. The bus system here is not the most reliable, but 40 min late and 4kg heavier because of all the rain that got suck in by our cloths we arrived.

Lisa following a person until her got said to stop
Lisa following a person until her got said to stop.

But from there most things turned out fine. We tested the Navigation test, where Lisa should go to three points in the arena. But its not as easy as that. On the way unpredictable things can happen, such as that someone shuts the door on the path of the robot, small objects are dropped or into some peoples spontaneously decide to block the way of the robot, even so Lisa is full of metal and could easily make the person run away. The test went well, in one round we failed during the following and could not reach the second goal because the obstacle was not removed fast enough and Lisa then decided to go on with her ToDo list.

Lisa takes the coke to bring it to Gannie Annie
Lisa takes the coke to bring it to Gannie Annie.

In the Catering task, Lisa has to receive orders from an older lady that got her new high tech toy and wants to aid her in her daily life. As the older lady not just got the most current version of a high tech robot she also got a smart home of the next generation meaning she is used to not stand up and move at all. Thus Lisa serves as a smart home interface and also brings her the reading glasses, a candle (candles will also be part of the next generation homes), cups and whatever an elder lady may can request. For Catering Granny Annie we tuned the smart home integration and tested the gripping. During the actual tests it went also well. The speech recognition part was working without any occurrences and the smart devices reacted as supposed.

Someone is staying in her way so Lisa needs to recognize this and find a work around
Someone is staying in her way so Lisa needs to recognize this and find a work around.

By the way the lab and environment here at Heriot Watt is quite nice and Lisa is always happy to see TIAGo around, that’s what she is used to at home too.

ERL Edinburgh Preparation Day

Lisa picking up a drink from the bed
Lisa picking up a drink from the bed.

Saturday we landed in Edinburgh with quite a few problems on our travel. First we missed our connection train on the way to the airport, then we took a train one hour later which also got stuck due to a police operation. Initially we were supposed to be 3 hours early and in the end we came just in time. In Edinburgh we then went to the apartment and visited the city. On Sunday Tobias and Raphael were reassembling the robot with minor electrical issues while Mauricio has finished a paper.

Even after reconstructing there was quite a lot to set up in Lisa
Even after reconstructing there was quite a lot to set up in Lisa.

Today in the morning we went to the Heriot Watt University and were impressed by the lab. Immediately we started to assemble the complete and Lisa was alive quite fast. We started testing and everything went fine. The only issue was with the network, because the smart home shares the same IP address as our robot so we had issues to connect Lisa to the refbox network. But the organization changed the IP range of the refbox and the smart home and everything was fine from then.

Tiago cant take his eyes off her
Tiago cant take his eyes off her.

Tobias was testing Catering for Granny Annie and is was functioning, she even gripped an object, even so there was no real hand arm calibration done here. Now Tobias is figuring out how to connect to the network camera for the Welcoming Visitors task.

Tiago is still after her
Tiago is still after her.

Raphael tested Getting to Know my Home which was also going quite fine. Minor position adjustments needed to me made. After GPSR got a go the navigation test was tested. Currently Lisa is equipped with just one laser scanner that is used for mapping and the lower scanner for avoiding small obstacles is not mounted, this could be an issue for the actual test, but we’ll see. Also the following got confused by many false positive estimates for people.

Stay tuned. Our next post will come soon
Stay tuned. Our next post will come soon.

Pack up for the next ERL tournament

Next week Lisa will participate at the Eurpean Robotics League Tournament in Edinburgh. Today after the last tests were done we had to disassamble Lisa to transport her to Edinburgh in our suitcases. Therefore especially Lisas base, which is the part of Lisa that lets her driving around, had to be unmounted into many pieces to spread her over multiple suitcases to not exceed the maximum weight for luggage.

Disassemble Lisa to split her over our suitcases
Disassemble Lisa to split her over our suitcases.