Functional Benchmarks over Results pending

Today the functional benchmarks got their last rounds and are now over. Sadly the results aren’t published yet.

In object perception we couldn’t improve on our previous results and will therefore not be at the top.

In speech recognition we could improve slightly - but pumas managed to improve even more and got in front of us.

In navigation we stayed steady and didn’t hit any obstacle in all three rounds combined. We even managed to get the updated roah_rsbb_comm_ros package on the first try.

Tomorrow the task benchmarks will start - we are looking forward to see if our node work the intended way.

quote of the day: Viktor “This piece of junk* recognizes everything everywhere..” *of course referring to the algorithm and not to Lisa



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First day with competitions

Today we had a first run in all three functional benchmarks. At first the object perception was tested. The goal is to recognize the class and instance of an object that is placed on the table in front of the robot. Lisa recognized 6 out of 10 classes correctly. Not bad for the first run, but we need to improve.

Afterwards the Navigation got it’s challenge. Beginning the challenge we had some interfacing problems with the roah_reff_box because of an old code version in our repo - but once we updated the code Lisa did a pretty good job. Even though the testbed has a lot of narrow passages Lisa drove to all goals without hitting anything. The final results are not yet published, but we should be near the top.

In the evening the speech recognition test took place - this never happened. (Raphael: “Disst ihr mich jetzt in eurem Blog?”)



Achievement 2 - first robot inside the arena

We managed to get to the venue at 8:00 and were able to quickly get our robots up and running. Both robots didn’t put up a fight and it was searching for the right screws than troubleshooting. We were the first team to enter the arena and were after some changes to the navigation able to navigate smoothly through the narrow parts of the arena. The venue has some cool architecture - the main competition hall has black sound proving walls an is evenly lit. The Teams have a separate room to code in and tweak their robots which has a very high ceiling and some interesting lights which are behind frosted glass and go all the way around nearly at the top of the wall. Since the robots were running steady we were able to get a lot done and are looking forward to the next days.