Achievement one - rocky road to rockin

We started the day early to meet at 6:00 in Koblenz and enter the train towards airport Köln/Bonn. Without further problems we made it to the right Terminal and got our boarding passes. Sadly we couldn’t merge our luggage limit so we had to further disassemble our robot platform to get under the luggage limit. Screwing parts of the robot platform at an airport part two. After a quick refill we will head towards security and boarding. In good spirits we say Goodbye Germany - be back soon. Let’s rock at Rockin ![train](’ caption=’ airport_screwing

Night of Technology 2015

On Saturday we demonstrated Lisa at the Night of Technology (Nacht der Technik) in Koblenz. The Night of Technology is an event to show the newest developments in technology and science. So we presented Lisa and her abillities.



Her feature that she can be controlled by Gamepad was the most interesting part for all the children who were interested in Lisa - and almost every child who crossed her way was interested in her. With the gamepad you can make lisa drive to a table, grab a drink or in our case ketchup and make her drive back to a person to handover the drink.


The abillity to drive to a predefined goal and avoid collision with people and objects also worked well.


Technology Night / Nacht der Technik

Tomorrow Lisa and our new R26 Teams is going to “Nacht der Technik”. We have a booth were we show some of Lisa’s skills and will answer questions. We are looking forward to see you there!

IHK technology board

There was a lot of interest in Lisa this week. On wednesday we showed some demonstrations for several groups of professors from other universities. Today we demonstrated Lisa at the IHK technology board. We showed the abilities of Lisa like navigation, following people, speech recognition and smart home integration using the famous lamp built by Raphael. Lisa felt like a little robot star at the event as the visitors showed a lot of interest in her. Beside that, Lisa and our team had a lot of fun. In the break we made people on the campus happy by distributing remaining cakes, cookies and coffee.

Here are some impressions of the technology board:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dietrich Paulus presenting the working group, Lisa and the Spacebot cup robot at the IHK technology board
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dietrich Paulus presenting the working group, Lisa and the Spacebot cup robot at the IHK technology board.
The famous lamp!
The famous lamp!.