Finally the stress is over and we were successful on the whole line. We prepared a complex final that had some fail cases as we were aiming to solve complex tasks.

We used both Lisas in the final. The grandma was going to be a delivery bot that was connected to a smart trash bin. An object, which could be every object from the arena could be thrown away in the trash bin. While doing that the barcode was scanned and a new object was directly ordered. In this case purple Lisa got the object that was thrown away and went to a shop that was outside the arena. So purple Lisa went into the wild.

While doing that blue Lisa went into the arena and scanned the apartment for a table that was moved by the jury. She had no prior knowledge about the position and orientation. Lisa found the table and took a second look to verify and fine tune the position estimate. An accurate position was crucial for purple Lisa that should place the new object on the table. Purple Lisa arrived at the table inside the arena and tried to place it. Sadly the arm did not work and she asked for help. So a person nearby took the object and placed it on the table. While this blue Lisa went to the couch found a person and asked for a command. An unknown command was given and Lisa recognized this and asked the owner what to do. The owner gave her a command that was constructed by the known commands of Lisa. These commands then were analyzed and translated to the new command description. Then the owner asked Lisa for bringing the crackers from the table that was just positioned by the delivery bot. And jupp it was working quite fine.

To summarize: Lisa executed a command that she didn’t knew beforehand from a location that was previously unknown with an object that was thrown away and autonomously brought by a delivery bot later. We would not have thought of getting this to work for the finals as we were facing major issued. One of our laser scanner was destroyed. But thanks to Johannes Pellenz, we got contact to the Get Bot team which luckily had one spare scanner that they could borrow us. We are so thankful about that!