1st - Trophies with Friends - Rocking the RoCKIn

Today the Rockin 2015 Lisboa competition ended.

In the morning we had the 3rd round of the task benchmarks. We managed to get a very good run in getting to know my home. We even got so far that Viktor forgot what to do and activated skynet. The second benchmark of the day was welcoming visitors. We sadly didn’t detect all visitors - the unknown visitor was mistaken for doctor Kimble and got to Granny and tried to steal a Lamp. In the last test, catering for Granny Annie, we sadly had problems understanding her and got no better score. But we gripped the wanted object from the kitchen table and brought it back to her, this was the only object gripping in the whole @Home competition which worked.

Directly afterward the award ceremony took place. We won:

  • 1st place in FBM2 navigation challenge
  • 1st place in TBM1 getting to know my home
  • 1st place (together with SocRob) @Home Winners


quote of the week ‘Homer PLEASE disconnect from the roah wifi network and try to stay off it’ - technical committee