Greetings from Team Homer!

Greetings from Team Homer! And by the way, our good intentions for this year include giving some insights more regularly again. However, we would like to mention that the situation in Europe has changed due to the heinous war in Ukraine, which is also affecting us and we hope that it will end as quickly as possible.

As usual, our latest news appears first on our blog and is then shared on our social media channels like Instagram, Twitter and our Youtube channel. Facebook still locks us out because they changed their policy on non-individual human profiles and their support kinda sucks. So which platforms do you use and where do you prefer to find us? Have you given up on Facebook yet? With the COVID-19 pandemic additionally still going on, it’s hard to plan ahead, but when things stabilise, we hope to enter some competitions this year. There is the European Robotics League for example, which has been rescheduled for spring/summer 2022, and of course the RoboCup 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand in July.

In the upcoming post we will introduce you to the team, stay tuned! We hope that you are all in good health and doing as well as possible under these conditions!

Best regards from Koblenz and stay safe! ^TH