A full day of culture

The day started with a workout for Lukas - we went into a shopping mall where a fitness club did an event - he did some power exercise to be allowed to spin a wheel of fortune where he won a Tshirt and a Bag.

Afterwards we went to the gardens by the bay to start the cultural program. This is a nature park near the Marina Bay with lots of attractions. Of course puppet Jana was with us to enjoy the views.

As main events in the gardens two big glass spheres are home to the “cloud forest” and the “flower dome”.

This installments are in the top of the world and we are happy to be able to visit them in this correlation with the icra manipulation challenge.

From all this culture we got hungry and went to the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sand. There we found the DC Comics super hero cafe we had to try out.  The whole cafe is styled into the DC look with glowing symbols at the walls paird with a quick markdown with bonus information. Everything was styled for the occasion and the food was also great.

Activated by the super hero food we went along the bay shore to take the selfie of the day at the skyline from singapur.

We liked the view and explored the area till it went dark.

Our next event was again in the gardens by the bay where we watched a light show using the super tree grove. The show used music from the Star Wars movies and controlled the lights from the trees accordingly. The high trees created a great atmosphere with music and the light controll.

After all this culture we went back to our hostel to freshen up and get some rest.  At the end of the day we have to conclude: the hot and wet climate is very tiring.

We are looking forward to the next days - have a good night - back to the studio