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Homer! After being very close to the Pumas before the finals it was obvious to get a very tough match between Pumas from Mexico and us. And in the end we made it with a demo that turned out to run just like expected. We showed that Lisa can observe a human while fulfilling a task and imitate the action that was just observed, further the observed action was transferred to TIAGo which then also was able to execute the action by speech with exchanged parameters. We plan to prepare a video of the finals once we are back home. Now we are going to celebrate with the other teams during the banquet.

We on stage
We on stage.
Lisa and Tiago waiting before the final for their big entrance
Lisa and Tiago waiting before the final for their big entrance.
Celebrating at the banquet
Celebrating at the banquet.

We want to thank PAL Robotics for the sponsoring of a TIAGo robot and the organization of the transport which supported us massively. And we want to thank our supporters namely the University of Koblenz-Landau, the EINST e.V., Stiftung Zukunft Sparkasse as well as SHD.