Brilliant start in stage 2

The open challenge gave us a great start into stage two. We searched for affordances with Lisa and visualized them into a 3D model of the arena. Lisa didn’t find all sitting affordances, but the first one was found and visualized perfectly. The second one - purple Lisa - was not detected at all, while the third one only got published as a pointcloud without any human marker.

The second part was finding Object affordances which worked well and didn’t make any problems. The same can be sad about the “human” affordance - Lisa kept track of Viktor’s movement and watched him anywhere he went. As a finishing highlight Lisa detected Viktor sitting down at the sofa table and drove in the kitchen, gripped a beer, drove back to him and handed it over.

We got rewarded with the best score of all teams and therefore jumped to place one in the overall score.

We are waiting excitingly for the next day to see how our other stage two games will work out.

model oc

scores oc