To clean or not to clean the table

Todays competition started with the last four rounds of stage 1 and went overall quit well for us and we managed to keep and even overtop our results from yesterday.

Lisa grabbing a drink for a guest during the Serving Drinks task
Lisa grabbing a drink for a guest during the Serving Drinks task.

For the ‘Housekeeper’ part of stage 2 we decided to announce the Clean the Table task. TIAGo had to pick up tableware and store them into the dishwasher.

TIAGo placing a bowl in the dishwasher
TIAGo placing a bowl in the dishwasher.

The time cap with ten minutes sharp was pretty hard for this task. Additionally we hadn’t much time for preparing the game due the late arrival of our robot and some technical issues – that’s why we decided to bypass the placement of the plate and the cup and let the referee place it in the dishwasher instead. Afterwards, TIAGo tried to grasp the cutlery – sadly not successfully. Because of the provided cutlery being very thin, even small misapproaches led to a failed grasp in this case. However TIAGo can detect this event and handle it by asking the operator for a handover, which instructs him to place the item between the grippers of TIAGo. The following placing in the dishwasher worked perfectly. After all objects were handled, TIAGo left the arena autonomously.

At least we are, despite the mentioned issues, on top of the scores.