Competition Day 2 - Getting To Know My Home and Welcoming Visitors

Today we arrived in time for Getting To Know My Home in the morning and Welcoming Visitors in the afternoon.

Lisa in the testbed
Lisa in the testbed.

The first round of Getting to Know My Home was just medium, there were was a lamp and a plant added that during our preparation was not mentioned and have been recently added.

We soon did a second and third round. Those went as expected. Lisa understood everything and learned changes in the environment during the runs. Some objects where moved and a semantic map annotating the changes was created. In the second part Lisa got a command to actually move the objects moved to furniture that also was moved. There was just one little problem. Lisa tried to go very close to the kitchen chair but couldnt reach the goal.

Shot from the camera at the door of the testbed
Shot from the camera at the door of the testbed.

Next up was the Welcoming Visitors task where Lisa awaited random people after ringing the door bell. People could be a doctor, a delivery man, a postman and a thief. Of course Lisa should not let in the thief but handle the other people in a way that they can do their task. For instance the doctor should be guided to the owner. The delivery man should place the parcel somewhere and the delivery man should bring the food to the kitchen.


Now we are preparing for tomorrow.