Competition day 2

Day 2 ended. As of now we are still leading but the Restaurant points have not yet been announced.

The scores as of now
The scores as of now.

The General Purpose Service Robot took place in the morning. This is a big task for the robot. In principle the robot should execute whatever command it gets and this could be a big variety of commands that includes interacting with persons and objects of any kind at any location and it’s also possible that the robot is asked to follow outside the apartment. Basically all functionality from Stage 1 could be evaluated in any combination.

Lisa was able to recognize most of the commands, but as we were targeting category two tasks were harder to solve and therefore more risky. First we had to count the containers in the balcony and report the number back. The second command was to find a onion in the corridor. In the end Lisa had to find a person in the living room and guide the person another location. This is where it stopped working.

In the second round we had to find all cleaning stuff in the living room. Lisa started to go and count at all possible locations but failed due to a Kinect 2 outage.

The restaurant task went pretty well even if we had to restart the task once. The task is to find a calling person in an unknown location, find tables and recognize the orders of the calling persons in the bar.We had to restart once because of a false detection, but Lisa showed her abilities afterwards. She found two calling persons and recognized their orders correctly.

This is the whole league. A lot of people an robots are on there
This is the whole league. A lot of people an robots are on there.

We are now looking forward to tomorrows tasks. EEGPSR, Set up the table and the Open Challenge will take place.