Lisa is baking an egg
Lisa is baking an egg.

Today the competitions of Stage II were taking place. Throughout the day we encountered some hardware problems but Lisa refused to surrender and fought for every single point.

  • As first game Following & Guiding took place. But sadly Lisa was not fast enough to follow the operator through the crowded Evoluon.

  • Blue Lisa was joined by Lila Lisa during the Open Challenge, where each team can perform a freely chosen demonstration. After slight starting problems Blue Lisa handed over a newspaper to Lila Lisa. Then she grabberd an egg in a cup and then poured it into a pan an turned on the hotplate. Lila Lisa delivered the newspaper to Viktor and performed small tasks on command (e.g. turnig in the light and tell the time). Sadly cause of the starting porblems time ran out and we could not show the full demonstration.

  • Then the Restaurant game took place. Lisa managed to follow the waiter to the first and located the table correctly in front of her. Then she lost the waiter in the crowd again.

  • Lastly Lisa will have to show her abilities as Enhanced Endurance General Purpose Service Robot and execute complex commands.

We are looking forward to the finals tomorrow.

Blue Lisa & Lila Lisa
Blue Lisa & Lila Lisa.
The restaurant
The restaurant.
Lisa is detecting a table
Lisa is detecting a table.