Customer Interaction of the future

Convenience store of the future will be for sure the place, where we will meet a lot of robo-helpers. Today we had a chance to demonstrate, how the robots and new services like a SmartBag can make shopping more pleasant for customers.

Here is a video of today’s presentation:

Customer Interaction

So, back to the competition. For us the competition started today with Customer Interaction Task. The aim of this challenge is to show the ideas *of customer interaction in a convenience store in the near future using robot technology. *

The telegram application used for sending a map, handle the payment, get statistics and provide further services strongly coupled with the robot:

In our demo we demonstrated a human robot interaction, detection of calling customer as well as integration of SmartBag and Telegram app in a convenience store.

This is by the way the main entrance of the competition location. Bigger than it could fit in the picture:

In the very beginning TIAGo was looking for a call from customers. This feature is very helpful in noisy and crowded environments like a store. After that he went to the calling person and recognized Ivanna. For this task we trained Ivanna’s face beforehand. Based on customer’s profile of Ivanna, TIAGo guided her to the section ‘Health and Beauty’. Ivanna could not find any shopping bag and triggered help function by pressing a button in the Telegram App. TIAGo reacted immediately: he went to counter and called Lukas, who was a shopping manager in our demo-store. Lukas brought Ivanna a SmartBag, where you can scan items using installed camera and get an invoice using again the Telegram App. Meanwhile Tobias, who was called James, like Bond, James Bond :), entered the store with his suitcase and asked TIAGo to take his trolley bag using a Telegram App. Unfortunately at this moment TIAGo could not localize himself and did not know exactly, where to bring the bag. But we did not panic (ok, Ivanna panicked, OK, Raphael panicked too :D) and restarted the demo after some short time.

After restart TIAGo went to Tobias again and brought his suitcase to designated location. Moreover, he detected Ivanna’s waving and helped Ivanna to carry her very heavy shopping basket. The basket was so heavy, that TIAGo barely could carry it, but he did. He carried the basket to exit and waved Ivanna at the end.

After this Raphael, who moderated our demo, asked volunteers from the audience to enter the store and to call for help by waving. Two girls went inside of the arena and waved. Tiago successfully approached one of them and recognized that she was a new customer in our store. He recommended her to go to the section ‘Health and Beauty’ based on gender recognition. And than the time went out.

Unfortunately, we could not show all of the features we had prepared, like bringing a coffee from counter to the customer. But we could demonstrate our overall idea of the customer interaction in the future convenience store and we hope jury liked it.

So guys, stay tuned, there are two more challenges we are participating in. And keep your fingers crossed for TIAGo.