Day 2 - GPSR

Today, GPSR (General Purpose Service Robot) was at the top on the agenda. This test evaluates Human-Robot Interaction and the integration of general abilities expected of a robot in stage 1, such as navigation, finding objects and grasping. In this test, the robot has to solve multiple tasks, which are randomly generated and consist of 3 subtasks, upon request.

The command is composed of three tasks, which the robot has to show it has recognized. The robot may repeat the understood command and ask for confirmation. If it can’t recognize the command correctly, it can also ask the speaker to repeat the complete command, or ask for further information.

Lisa did actually quite it well, she could recognize the commands and was always able to perform the first. She had some problems with gripping an object from the table and with person detection, however, she always ccontinued and finished the game even when failing a previous task.

Overall, we got the highest score of all teams in this game (77).