End of day two

Following the poster teaser the robo-cup committee welcomed all “officially” with some snacks and beer. We used the time to have some beer and some fun conversations with members of other teams. There were also some typically Chinese snacks which we could not identify (apart from the cooked chicken feet).

Afterwards the testing continued. After a little bit more bug fixing and configuration modifications we could achieve some great results in the practice runs and are looking forward to see how our robots will perform in the challenges up ahead. Tomorrow there will be Robo Zoo, Navigation, Person Recognition and Object Recognition/Manipulation.

Surprisingly, today we didn’t have to leave the venue at ten o clock and could continue testing till we left at eleven thirty. The only “restaurant” open at this late hour was a chicken place, where we got a (not) surprisingly spicy sauce with chicken chunks and rice, but also a bean soup with chicken feet. Everything was very delicious :)