End of stage one

This day started great. Speech recognition worked like a charm and Lisa showed her happy face. We did so well, we got the best result of all teams and got to the top of the overall list.

Sadly Lisa didn’t like it there to much and decided to miss our expectations. The speech recognition, which worked so well in the test before, refused to understand anything in the first two tests if it wasn’t spoken from a team member. And in the last test our laser range scanner decided to have a go at it and failed to reconnect multiple times while having data hiccups. Reacting to the failing laser Lisa stood still and didn’t reach the person she should drive to and follow.

So stage one finishes with Wright Eagle on the first place, us on second place, TechUnited on third place and Tobi following on the fourth.

The beginning of stage two will be later today with the open challenge as first test.

stage one complete