ERL Lisbon Preparation Day 1

Yesterday we reassembled the robot in the facilities of Tecnico in Lisbon, where is the SocRob Team is at home and supporting the event. We are competing with the Barc Team from Birmingham. We stayed until shortly after midnight and found us locked in, but we had luck that some stranger was also working that long :). Then we walked to the hostel and were locked out.

In between our coding phases we have the possibility to attend some interesting talks by Danilo Croce and Andrea Vanzo about Natural Language Processing.

The robot was first up in the arena yesterday morning. We did some tuning and encountered problems with USB devices like the new Kinect 2 and the Kinova arm.

Now Ivanna is testing and coding on the Getting to know my home task. In this task the robot is supposed to learn the flat and be able to react to changes in the environment. Ivanna’s run is on Thursday.

Florian and Malte are testing the navigation task. Currently they are experimenting with the projection of the Kinect’s depth data to the ground to avoid small obstacles and obstacles that can’t be seen by our 2D laser scanner. Malte is also integrating the people detection into the task. Raphael is busy integrating the Following for Navigation and the General Purpose task.

Even though there are only two participating teams there is a lot going on in the arena - sadly there is so much to do, that we hardly have time to admire the great view from the lab.