ERL Navigation and GPSR Tests are over

Each test got two rounds of about four runs, initially we faced some hardware and software issues. Shortly before the competition the new team started and we updated our system to Ubuntu 16.04 and ROS Kinetic.  This lead us to hardware issues on the one side like bandwidth problems on the USB port. We currently run a reduced setup to limit the connected devices and have to investigate some research into fixing that. For the final last runs we will connect the arm with a different notebook and control it over network. The first runs of the navigation and GPSR task were only medium but the second runs for each game were really good.

In the Getting to Know my home task we reached 6 of 7 possible achievements in almost all trials.


This is Lisa after following Oscar from the SocRob Team to the exit. You may note the markers on Oscar’s Head and the Robot. The ERL tournaments strongly focus on benchmarking robots. Therefore they collect ground truth data with reflective markers and a motion capturing system and compare them against state estimations calculated by the robot. These datasets will then support the teams in optimizing their algorithms


Lisa in the navigation task, shortly after stating correct that an immovable object was blocking her way.


And again Lisa in the Navigation task after successful reaching Waypoint 1. On the way to Waypoint 1 the referees will shut a door directly in front of the robot to test the re-planing capabilities.