ERL season is over now

Yesterday in the evening we had a social dinner with all participants and organizers. We went to the same location as we where in during RoCKIn 2 years ago. Raphael already knew that they don’t stop to serve that fast. Meaning we were really full afterwards.

Last preparations for the object perception benchmark
Last preparations for the object perception benchmark.

On this morning we then had the last challenges. There was one more round for Getting to know my home with some students and a media channel watching. Two of the rounds were perfect in terms of the achievements we got.

There was also one more round of the Speech Recognition benchmark.

Afterwards we did team photos were Lisa was ensuring that everybody smiled. She was telling some robot jokes.

And this is were the European Robotics Challenge story ends for the current season ends.. We recorded a lot of clips and plan to create a short summary movie for this ERL attendance.

After disassembling Lisa we walked to the Bus and currently travel back to Pisa were we are heading back to Koblenz tomorrow. It was a great event with a great team, great organization and a lot of fun. We are looking forward to the next competitions.

The final results will be given to us in the next days. And winners are honored at the European Robotics Forum in March.