Final competition day

Today was the final competition day. Getting to know my home and the object perception task were in the pipeline. We managed to bring the arm back to life last evening and gripped an object multiple times which was a big success. Now we are back up for the next robot competitions.


We were able to recognize 6/10 object classes in average and again we got 5 to 6 achievements of 7. In the end Lisa tried bring tea from the coffee table to a chair, but the gripper thought it was open and didn’t open. Else this run would have yielded in a perfect score of seven achievements.


After the competition we had the possibility to record some ground truth for operator following as the organizers place had a motion capturing system. We recorded different scenes and will analyze the data when we are back home.

We want to thank the organizers and referees of the ERL local tournament. Of course we have to thank the StuPa from the University of Koblenz and the EU Robotics for supporting our attendance in this local tournament.


Currently the hardware guys are disassembling Lisa and then she will be put in the suitcases to travel back home. There is the rest of the R28 Team is waiting to test their code after one week abstinence.