First competition day.

Yesterday in the morning we arrived in Peccioli. We immediately started to built up the robot. The other Teams were already there one day in advance.

day 1 building the robot

Lisa was quickly reassembled without facing bigger issues. We then constructed a map of the really great competition place. The competition is taking place in an real smart home flat. Fully equipped with kitchen, bedroom, living room, corridor, bathroom. We wish we would have an arena like this at home.

Later in the afternoon the speech recognition benchmark took place where we had quite good results. We were using Nuance Vocon, completely recognizing speech on a single consumer laptop. For giving the recognized string an interpretation that is understandable by the robot we are using lu4r. The SPQReL team is also using lu4r but for speech recognition they use the power of the google speech recognition.

Team b-it bots is using pocket sphinx for speech recognition. Here are the results of the speech recognition test. Currently we are second in this test:

Team FCR AC WER SR Acc. SPQReL 67% 88% 0.06 62% homer 13% 42% 0.63 19% b-it-bots 0% 15% 0.90 0%

Later in the evening the Getting To Know My Home task took place. In this test the robot has to react on changes in the environment. Doors get closed, objects and furniture. The other teams did not participate in this test yet. So here are the results of our two rounds:

homer run 1 4A/3P homer run 2 4A/3P

Today in the morning Raphael gave a talk about our approach for mapping and navigation and approaches of all teams where discussed. This kind of competition are also about sharing knowledge.

This is the robot of the SPQReL team
This is the robot of the SPQReL team.

Later today the navigation and general purpose task will take place.