First Competition Day

Today was the first competition day with the following functionalities tested: Speech recognition, navigation and person recognition. So far we only got the points for Speech, were we have obtained 91 points. We estimate to be among the top 5 in this test. That’s the good news. In navigation the first run was satisfying, the second and third runs were not worth mentioning (i.e. 0 points). Lisa did not enter the arena in the second run and in the last run the test was aborted because Lisa pushed away a small obstacle which she did not see. We estimate to be among the top 20 in this test. That’s the bad news. Now come the “we don’t know, yet”-news. In the person recognition the first run was not so good. The second one was better: all faces and genders were detected correctly. But there was a problem with the pdf report file, so we are not sure whether we will get the points. In the last run Lisa did not look high enough to learn the operator and she missed one person in the crowd. So the run was ok, but could have been better. We expect to be among the top X teams in this test. So in total we could be among the (5+20+X / 3) = 8.333 + 0.333X teams in the overall rating not counting the poster session. Since the poster session turns out to be good in most of our tries we can expect to be among the top 8 + X teams. So far. X will be determined later … Tomorrow we will manipulate the code to demonstrate Manipulation and Object Recognition, followed by Following and Guiding and in general concluded by General Purpose.

Lisa during speech recognition: