First completition day, first place! / Live Stream

Today there was the registration, the person recognition task and the object recognition and manipulation task. Everything went quite well and we are currently placed first. Even if there are only 5 teams participating, those teams are on an high level. The first three teams built were placed among the top 4 positions at the RoboCup WorldCup back in China last year.

There is a live stream from the @Home arena in Eindhoven:

Here are the scores after Day 1:

**Pos** **Team** **Person Recog.** **M&OR** **Navigation** **Speech Recog.** **Follow & Guide** **GPSR** **Total**
1 Homer @Uni-Koblenz 70 105 **175**
2 Tech United 105 57,5 **162,5**
3 ToBI 70 10 **80**
4 Hekiki 0 0 **0**
4 AMSTT 0 0 **0**

After the competitions today there were some problems coming up with the power supply of the robots brain (notebook). We are currently not able to charge the robots notebook thus we have to change.

Tomorrow the competitions start with the Speech Rec test, where the the robot should answer a set of questions. Afterwards the navigation abilities are tested and in the end of the competition time tomorrow there is GPSR (General Purpose Service Robot) task, where all abilities of there robot are tested in a combined scenario. So stay tuned!


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