RoboCup - Stage 1

Today is the “official” start of the RoboCup. The tests for today were Speech Recognition, Person Recognition, Manipulation and Object Recognition, RoboZoo and Navigation.

Speech Recognition

The rules for Speech Recognition are as follows: An operator has to ask 5 questions from the front and 5 from the side of the robot. You get one point for a correctly answered question from the front and two points for questions asked from the side of the robot.

The teams have three runs for this test, at the end the average of the two best runs counts.

Our first two runs weren’t that good, so the statemachine was changed shortly before the last run. Sadly it wasn’t a good idea, we had to cancel the test because the statemachine got stuck.

Speech recognition
Speech recognition.

Person Recognition

In this test, the robot has to memorise the face of an operator, find him in a crowd of people and tell their gender. Afterwards the robot has to analyse the crowd: Number of persons in the crowd and their genders.

We did get 90 points for this challenge. Unfortunatly, Lisa had some problems with detecting the gender of the people in the crowd.

Person Recognition
Person Recognition.

Robo Zoo

For this challenge, we prepared a snake-glove puppet and pulled it over the Katana arm. In addition, Lisa has a turban on her head. Afterwards Lisa becomes a snake charmer and lets the snake dance to arabian music.


Object Recognition and Manipulation

This challenge is about detecting and gripping objects. Sadly, Lisa recognized just three objects so we could score only 30 points.


The robot must enter the arena, visit predefined waypoints and leave the arena. The path from a waypoint to another is always blocked by an obstacle that requires the robot to take an action to solve the task.

Lisa had some problems to recognize obstacles, for example she tried to drive through a door which was closed right before she was near it.

We could reach 90 points in this challenge.