Getting closer to the final

At first a short update about the competitions that were held yesterday. Help me carry, where the robot had to follow an operator out of the arena, take his grocery bag and bring it back into the house offered some difficulties for Lisa as she lost track of the operator and instead wanted to follow a person in the audience. I guess it was love at first sight :D. This is a very complicated task as lisa has to detect a person and track them as they move, even when they walk into a crowd of people. Tiago also had some problems, while storing groceries into a shelf, but put it right in the evening when he had to put away dishes into a dishwasher, where he did such a great job, that surely everyone in the audience whished they also had a help like this at home.

Tiago at Dishwasher Challenge
Tiago at Dishwasher Challenge.
All the dishes placed in the sink
All the dishes placed in the sink.

Today was also an exciting Day for our Team. We arrived early in the morning to complete some final tests before the EE-GPSR test started. This is an enhanced and more complex version of the GPSR challenge were commands with different difficulty are read out loud by the Jury. Additionally the commands can be defective or some informations can be missing. The robot recognized and executed 2 out of 3 commands and gave his best. We are very proud as none of the other teams could recognize a command. The Jury also got into a little embarrassing situation, when they asked one “robust” man out of the audience to be a supernumerary, when only after this they had to read the command “Go into the living room and find the fatter person”.

Testing the Open Challenge
Testing the Open Challenge.

Shortly after that the Open Challenge was presented in which the Team can show what they want to the audience. We decided to show Lisas new action recognition skills, that allows to recognize actions just by observing a human doing it. As it is relatively new she can only detect few actions. Lisa got presented how to pick and place a cup and how to water a plant. After that Lisa had to tell what actions with which objects she recognized and imitate them. Even though it did not exactly went as planned Lisa showed great performance and got the most points from the jury.

In the afternoon most people where hungry, which met well, because the next game was the restaurant game, where Lisa has to detect people in the restaurant, take their orders and bring them food and drinks. Unfortunately the food could not get eaten as they still need it for other competitions. Lisa did a great job as temporary waiter and served some food to the hungry waiting guests.

Ivanna programming lisa in a very relaxing way
Ivanna programming lisa in a very relaxing way.

After todays competitions we spent most of our time planning, testing, programming and finetuning the presentations for tomorrows final. In which we will hopefully perform as well as the rest of the week. Whish us luck ;)