homer goes European Robotics League in Barcelona

This week an European wide event called European Robotics Week takes place around Europe. Meaning there are around 600 events related to robotics. One of them is at the facilities of PAL Robotics in Barcelona where we will attend an tournament of the European Robotics League. The first time we will use a TIAGo robot that we got sponsored for a year.

Testing the object recognition
Testing the object recognition.

Last week we hold a hackaton to get TIAGo up to the capabilities of Lisa. Not everything is fine now but we achieved a lot last week.

The ERL holds multiple tasks called:

  • Getting to know my home - There the robot has to create a semantic map and manipulate objects where the initial locations are unknown and need to be trained during the run.
  • Catering for Granny Anny - In this task the robot has to serve an elder woman. Granny Anny gives commands by speech. This could be moving somewhere. Get the glasses or controlling a smart home i.e. closing the blinds or switching on and off the lights.
  • Welcoming visitors - In this task the robot controls who enters the apartment. This could be either a doctor, a delivery service, a postal service or if the robot handles it wrong even a thief.
  • General purpose service robot - In this task the robot get complex commands by natural language and has to execute these tasks. These tasks also could be combined and could be bringing an randomly object, looking for persons, answering questions, following a person and ….
  • Visit my home - This task shows the abilities to navigate in an changing environment. In the end the robot also has to follow and open a door.

Today we are going to Barcelona and maybe for one of the first times we can travel in a convenient way because we don’t have suitcases full with robots in our suitcases.

Stay tuned, we will report during the week.