Impressing the press

Teams at the tournament
Teams at the tournament.

First up in the morning was the General Purpose Service Robot task, meaning that Lisa basically has to understand a sequence of commands and execute them afterwards. She did quite fine. There were 5 commands given each containing 3 subcommands. First she had to bring the salt from the kitchen table to Mauro in the hall. Then she had to find a person close the bedside table and tell what time it is. She told the time in the Central European Timezone, therefore she was one our off. Afterwards she should bring the soup from the bookcase to a person in the hall. This is where she failed, cause she couldn’t reach the sour on top of the bookcase. Next up was again finding a person in the hall and answer a question. She found a person but in the kitchen but answered the question immediately. And done, GPSR was done quite fast.

Raphael gets interviewed by the press
Raphael gets interviewed by the press.

Perfect, because the press was coming meaning that a photographer from the university and a tv-station came by to catch some nice photos and a report. They were filming some coverage from all teams. So they showed the Tiagos from HEARTS Bristol and IRI from Barcelona and Lisa also got the chance to show what she is able to do. So she decided to go to the Couch and bring a person sitting there a drink and reading glasses (the latter one had to be handed over because it’s very hard to grip them). Afterwards they did interviews and Raphael was also interviewed. In the end we made some nice group picture with all teams and robots doing some posing together.

Handover an object
Handover an object.

This time we got a Whiskey handed over by the organizers. A 10 year old Whiskey branded by the Heriot University, what a great present, we will come again if possible also because of the Whiskey, but in general it was a nice tournament. All teams did very well for almost all tasks, and we got the chance to improve the abilities of Lisa here and there.

The Homer ERL team from Edinburgh at photoshooting
The Homer ERL team from Edinburgh at photoshooting.