It is hard to be a star

Last week a TV team visited Koblenz to meet Lisa and to make a report about how a service robot may be useful in real life. IMG_0750The first part of the shootings took place in a nice location in the city center, which is called “Cafe Miljöö”. After some preparations, Lisa was ready for her performance. In this scene Lisa was supposed to help the waitress serving a breakfast. We were also a little surprised, because we were asked to play visitors, who ordered the breakfast. So our team members also became actors. After some tries (yes, it is really hard to be an actor :) ) we learned our lines perfectly and Lisa did her part very well: she served coffee and croissants while the waitress brought us a plate with eggs and the rest of our order.

IMG_0724The second part of the shootings was recorded in a home for the elderly, where we were kindly invited by the 90-year-old Mrs. Novak to film Lisa at her place. According to the scenario, Lisa had to grasp a medicine pack in the bedroom and bring it to Mrs. Novak to the living-room. It was a little challenging for the robot to pick a pack, because there was not enough place for gripping in the small bedroom.  But after some attempts, Lisa performed the task very well and brought  the medicine to Mrs. Novak.

IMG_0841We have to admit that Mrs. Novak was very happy to meet Lisa. She said, that service robots could be very helpful for elderly people, who are unable to live alone due to physical and cognitive impairments.

The third part of the shootings took place at the university in the coffee kitchen. According to scenario the blue Lisa played a role of a head cook and cooked fried egg. The purple Lisa helped taking a trash bag away.

IMG_0847It was very interesting for us to participate in this TV production. We and the camera crew had a lot of fun with our robots. We are looking forward to watch the program, which will be released on the 27-th  February at 16:00 in ARD in the show “W wie Wissen”. Don’t miss the chance to see our new star - Lisa!