Last European Robotics League tournament for this year`s season in Peciolli next week

We qualified for the final tounament of this seasons European Robotics League (ERL) for Service Robots in Peccioli next week. This time all tasks will be benchmarked.

That means:

  • Getting to know my home

  • Welcoming Visitors aka (Navigation)

  • General Purpose Service Robot

  • Speech Recognition Benchmark

  • Object Recognition.

We are competing with  the b-it-bots@Home, Bonn Rhein Sieg University of Applied Sciences, Germany and SPQReL, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy + Lincoln University, UK teams.

In contrast to RoboCup the European Robotics Leagues focus is on benchmarking and repeatability. Therefore each task is repeated in several rounds for multiple times.

There is a teaser about the ERL here: