Leading after day 1

The schedule for RoboCup@Home this German Open is tight. Because the amount of tasks and teams that are participating in this event is so high the organization decided to benchmark the first tasks on the second preparation day. Meaning that there was even less time for to set up the robots and adapt to the environment and objects.

Tiago at GPSR(General Purpose Service Roboter)
Tiago at GPSR(General Purpose Service Roboter).

It was working out everything as expected. We directly passed the robot inspection and after achieved the highest score in the Speech and Person recognition task. In this task the robot has to stand in front of a crowd, facing them with its back. After the start the robot turns around and has to analyze the crowd. Meaning to count people, check their gender, pose, dress color… This is kind of tricky because the Robocup is an open event, the arena is open for visitors which are also watching the task. That means the robot also needs to decide whether the persons are in the apartment and not outside. After stating the crowd size an operator faces the robot asking questions from a set of trivia questions, questions about the environment and the crowd. This is about the speech recognition with a huge set of possibilities. After answering five questions the crowd forms around the robot and keeps on asking questions but now from surrounded all over. The robots are then supposed to still answer the questions but also face the correct person via sounding sources localization.

Programming Lisa..
Programming Lisa...

As the Golem team from Mexico still didn’t receive their robot because of custom issues we offered them to use the PAL Robotics Tiago robot for this task. It was a strange idea but it was working outdated good for them They attached the Kinect 2 and a micro phone and we wrote a small wrapper for making the robot turn and drive. So they where able to integrate this task on the robot under time pressure and it was working out super nice. In the end they understood the questions and analyzed the crowd quite well. What an experience! There where many happy faces afterwards.

Team meeting
Team meeting.

In the evening there was the Poster session, where teams present their’s newest research and results. After they discuss about the posters. We showed of that we participate for the first time with TIAGo and introduced our new approaches on imitation learming. Usually the results of the poster presentation are quite equal for all teams. Therefore we managed to stay first at the end of the first day. Today there is a lot on the schedule. First GPSR, Help Me Carry, Storing Groceries and later the Dishwasher test. We are curious about this day.