Leading after stage 2

Yesterday up was Stage 2. First up today was the Open Challenge in which we cooped with Mbot. We met the team first at RoCKIn and then Lisa and Mbot felt in love quite fast and dated multiple times in between during the European Robotics League. This time we showed for the first time ever in RoboCup@Home that a robot to robot hand over. So back to what the two robots actually did. Mbot was waiting in the kitchen with a Pringles in his hand, Lisa approached him and they did a hand over. What was special about that is that we applied the same interfaces for achieving this tasks as a human would do. They were talking with each other and Lisa detected an object in the gripper of Mbot just like she would in do in the hand of a human. The hand over went pretty well. The pringles was handed from Lisa to a person in the living room and the second part of out presentation has begun which was natural language programming. The person ordered Lisa to execute a command that she never has heard before and stated this to the operator. She then asked the operator what to do and the operator told her verbally what he wants from Lisa with a known set of commands from GPSR, that is quite a big set of commands involving all knowledge of the robot about it’s surrounding. What was special about this is that the parameters could be replaced. Lisa was able to execute the command with different parameters than she initially got.

The combination of both tasks with strong focus on natural language processing and the robot to robot interaction resulted in the highest score in the open challenge.

Then the restaurant task took place, follow the separate blog post for more information on this.

As a third task there was Set up the table and tidy. The idea behind this task is, as the name suggests to set up the table for breakfast or lunch. Lisa has to take an food or beverage order by speech recognition and then set up the table. That means of course the order should be placed on the dinner table as well as the corresponding tools like fork, plate and stuff. In fact this task is so hard that just two teams took place in this. We managed to take the order and find the objects at the location.

Then EE-GPSR took place, similar to GPSR task, that is by many considered as the hardest task in the RoboCup@Home track, because the robot has to be able to execute every command with his whole knowledge at basically any time. This task tooks place with two robots in the arena and they get commands and have to execute them. Lisa understood all commands well and even executed commands in a reasonable manner even so the commands where partially incomplete. In this case Lisa asked again for additional information.

Lisa taking a command from Loy during the EEGPSR task
Lisa taking a command from Loy during the EEGPSR task.

So this day was successful but also much more stressful. We had trouble with one of our Laserscanners that discarded to work and risked our attendance in the restaurant task and in general the second robot. We are very thankful to the Get Bot team from Paderborn. The team  borrowed us a spare laser scanner of them that they didn’t need in exchange for a pizza order :) So now we are working on the finals and are happy with the current results.