Lisa had a visit

Hi guys, here’s some news from Lisa.

Yesterday students, who are about to finish school, visited us in our lab to experience the real world of robotics and get an insight into practical courses at our University. After a brief introduction into robotics the students had a chance to meet our robots.

At first we showed them the purple Lisa and explained, how the robot builds its map and how it percepts the environment using cameras. After that the blue Lisa joined us and demonstrated her facial expressions while telling “Knock-Knock”-jokes, which made the students (and of course our team members) laugh.

Also Lisa grasped a cup from the table and brought it to Raphael. Afterwards we decided to give one of our visitors an opportunity to become an operator to being followed by the robot. Firstly, Lisa was searching for a little while for the operator, but at the end she managed to follow our visitor to the hallway and back.

The students enjoyed interacting with our robots. They said it would be nice to have such robots at home or in the class.