LISA visits HWK / Video report fom RoCKIn 2016

LISA had several media apperances in the past few weeks (17:30 in SAT.1 and upcoming on the 27.02.2016 16:00 in “W  wie Wissen” on ARD). Today LISA was invited by the HWK (which built LISAs dress) for an internal movie.

LISA entered a floor and was introduced to some visitors. While she was introduced she delivered a 3D printed part to the presenter. After some takes the scene is now final.

Today we also received a movie which was taken during the RoCKIn in Lisboa. LISA also had some appearances in there:

For instance:

Welcoming Visitors

Catering for Granny Annie

Viktor’s cat, a frequent blog reader, told us that her biggest wish was to appear in the homer blog. Here you go: