Live-Stream is now up and Lisa has been qualified!

As you can see in our earlier post on Facebook you can now see us on the Live-Stream testing Lisa and all the other teams.

Yesterday we continued our efforts for the next days. We also passed successfully the Robot Inspection and are now officially qualified for the upcoming games.

Then we left the hall and were continuing with our preparations.

Today at 9.00 AM the first challenge called “Speech & Recognition” will take place. After it at 12.00 AM will be the second challenge “Storing Groceries”, in which Lisa is supposed to detect objects on a table and place them with her arm on a shelf. Then it will be followed by “Help me carry” at 3.00 PM and “GPSR”(= General Purpose Service-Robot) at 5.00 PM

Therefor we are using the few remaining hours to optimize our programs and are becoming more and more confident.